Yoshimi Goda, Masanobu Kudaka, Hiroyasu Kawai


The L-moments of the Weibull distribution are derived and incorporated in the regional frequency analysis of peaksover-threshold significant wave heights at eleven stations along the eastern coast of Japan Sea. The effective duration of wave measurements varies from 18.0 to 37.2 years with the mean rate of 10.4 to 15.1 events per year. The eleven stations are divided into three regions to assure homogeneity of the data. Both the Weibull and Generalized Pareto (GPA) distributions fit well to the observed data. The 100-year wave height varied from 8.2 to 11.2 m by the Weibull and 7.6 to 10.3 m by the GPA. The GPA distribution is not recommended for determination of design waves for these stations because it has an inherent upper limit and a tendency of under-prediction.


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extreme wave analysis; distribution function; Weibull distribution; GPA distribution; L-moments; regional

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