Wenbai Liu, Yibing Deng, Rong Guo


The pile side soil deformation analysis and meso-observation were conducted for revealing the meso-mechanism of lateral bearing pile with practical significance. Lateral cyclic load tests were carried out on full model and semispatial mode single piles embedded in fine sand to study the behaviour of pile side soil. Through the digital photography and microscopic meso-observation images on the semispatial model test, digital photography for the deformation of soil analysis, and microscopic meso-observation images for the meso-structure analysis, carry out the works of soil meso-mechanical properties and its associated research, test method of macro and meso-analysis was proposed. Through non-marking points digital photogrammetry of deformation measurement system, the biggest shearing strain, volumetric strain and displacement vector distribution of pile the surrounding fine sand of the laterally loading on experiments of semispatial model was analysed, depends on this determination the shearing failure area and meso-observation point. The applied MiVnt image analysis system has processed the meso-observation images of soil structure, has sum up and analysed the change of meso-parameters, numbers of particles, total area of particles, voil ratio e, voil ratio increment , major axis mean of particles, minor axis mean of particles, eccentricity mean of particles, particle size, particle direction. This is an effective method of analysis, through deformation analysis and meso-structure analysis of soil structure on the semispatial model test, studing the macro-and meso-mechanical properties and its correlation.


pile side fine sand; laterally loading; deformation; meso-mechanics

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