Yu-Hsien Lin, Hwung-Hweng Hwung, Ming-Chung Fang, Ray-Yeng Yang


A comprehensive numerical model for simulating storm surge has been aimed at the middle-east Taiwan Strait, in which contains the Penghu Channel (PHC) and Changyun Rise (CYR). The simulation results can be used to understand the direct impact of storm surge on the interest area during typhoon invades. The case in this study is Typhoon SEPAT, which passed through central Taiwan in 2007. The transport characteristics through the Taiwan Strait under the influence of Typhoon SEPAT were analyzed using both field observations and numerical simulations during the typhoon period. The results show that storm surge did not respond to the southerly winds but the northerly winds, in contrast to the wind waves. According to the influence of dynamical forces on the storm surge in the Taiwan Strait, the atmospheric pressure gradient is found to be the dominant force of the coastal inundation during the typhoon event. By comparing with the numerical experiment, the Coriolis force is found to have a negative contribution to the storm surge generation in the Taiwan Strait.


storm surge; inundation; typhoon; Taiwan Strait; SEPAT

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