Disruption of the market structure in the tourism and hospitality accommodation service. The impact of the new short-term rental players.


  • Martina Nannelli PhD Student Development Economics and Local System University of Trento
  • Dimitrios Buhalis Professor of eTourism and Director of eTourism Lab Bournemouth University
  • Mariangela Franch Professor of Marketing - Department of Economics and Management University of Trento
  • Maria Della Lucia Associate Professor of Economic and Business Management Department of Economics and Management University of Trento


Tourism and hospitality accommodation service, Short-term rental, Peer-to-peer, Porter’s five forces model, Strategic networks.


The tourism industry evolves fast following the current economic, social, political and technological trajectories. The study explores how the appearance of the non-traditional tourist services brokered by digital short-term rental platforms have affected the structure of the tourism accommodation service and have altered the competition among the actors. Finally, it discusses the possible future scenarios. The Porter’s five forces model and its evolution are used to disentangle the structure of the tourist accommodation industry through a longitudinal study. The discussion of the changes in strategic network of relationships in which the actors are involved allows to trace possible future scenarios.




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Nannelli, M., Buhalis, D., Franch, M. and Lucia, M. D. (2019) “ The impact of the new short-term rental players”., e-Review of Tourism Research, 17(3). Available at: https://journals.tdl.org/ertr/index.php/ertr/article/view/529 (Accessed: 16January2021).



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