Fineness/Maturity results for the latest generation of AFIS

Dean Ethridge, Eric Hequet


This is a progress report on a comparative analysis of the fineness/maturity measurement in the latest generation AFIS machine at the International Textile Center. Comparisons are made with other measurements that also capture information related to fineness and maturity. These are the following: .HVI micronaire • FMT micronaire .FMT maturity ratio .FMT fineness .AFIS diameter (from older generation AFIS) Comparisons are also extended to the predictive power of fineness and maturity measurements on the levels of fiber bundle strength and yarn strength. This is done for yarns spun both on the ring spinning system and on the open-end rotor spinning system. Comparisons among the fiber measurements corne from a sample of 191 Upland and extra long staple (ELS) cottons from over the world. F or analysis related to the spun yarns, the results were taken from a subset of 66 cottons, with all of these being Upland type cotton. The limited number is only because spinning tests are not completed; these tests are now in the process of being done.

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