Significant events leading to the development and utilization of the micronaire test

  • Harvin Smith


The micronaire test for fineness and maturity of cotton fibers is now in such wide use that it is often taken for granted. However, inquiries from various sources regarding the history of the development of this measurement prompted us to conduct a library search and to interview many colleagues and friends who are knowledgeable about this subject. Those interviewed were: Carl Cox, retired Director, Texas Food and Fibers Commission, Dallas, Texas S.R. Griffith, USDA, AMS Cotton Division, Washington, D.C. Busch Landstreet, President, Starlab, Knoxville, Tennessee H.H. Hob Ramey, USDA, AMS, Cotton Division, Memphis, Tennessee Larry Teague, retired Vice President, Motion Control, Inc., Dallas; Texas Emerson Tucker, Textile Engineer, Plains Cotton Cooperation, Assn., Lubbock, Texas Ed White, retired Vice President, Spinlab, Inc., Knoxville, Tennessee