Vol 3 (2015)

Table of Contents


Map-scale folds in Big Brushy Canyon, Northern Sierra del Carmen, Big Bend Region, Texas PDF
Laiza V. Ver-Lopez, Joseph I Satterfield
Using Areas of Concentrated E. coli Bacteria to Identify Species Specific Sources in Urbanized Sections of the Concho River, Tom Green County, Texas PDF
Darren Seidel, James W. Ward
"Under Pressure" © 1982: A Comparison of Stress Field Orientations Between Geothermal Areas and Volcanic Regions PDF
Denine Calvin, Heather Lehto
Modeling Hydrostratigraphy and Geochemical Analysis of the Rocker-B Ranch Aquifers PDF
Ross Kushnereit, James W. Ward
Evaluation of Primers for Amplification of Hyaluronan Synthase 2 in Bat Species and Naked Mole Rats PDF
Aimee N. Denham, Loren K. Ammerman
A Simple Procedure for Quantitatively Measuring Pseudomonas aeruginosa Slime Production PDF
Chelbee Farnen, Crosby Jones
Sampling the anterior nares for Staphylococcus aureus: One nasal passage or both? Does it matter? PDF
Sarah Murray, Crosby Jones
On Delay Variation for Internet Multimedia PDF
Stephen Pena, Lopamudra Roychoudhuri
Using Fibonacci Cycles Modulo to Represent Finite Fields PDF
Caitlyn Conaway, Jeremy Porche, Jack Rebrovich, Shelby Robertson, Trey Smith
“A Careful Negligence”: George Herbert and the Plain Style PDF
Jordan Gray, Mark Jackson
The Suffolk Resolves: A Neglected Catalyst of the American Revolution PDF
Duncan Knox, Shirley Eoff
Popular Entertainment in Rome and its Modern Day Counterparts PDF
Tyler Hastings, Michael J. Burnett
The Role of Nosferatu in the Development of Gender Identity, Sexuality, and Androgyny in Vampire Film PDF
Elizabeth Vest, Elisabeth - Christine Muelsch
Truth PDF
Jennifer deBie, Terry Dalrymply
Usability of Video-Based Website Designs PDF
Sawyer Ricard, Kevin Garrison
Overconfidence and Personality Traits PDF
Brittany Trubenstein, Crystal Kreitler
Parental deception: Investigating the effects of deception on parent-child relationships PDF
Joscelyn Cargill, Drew Curtis
Facial Symmetry Perceptions in College Students PDF
Makenzie Ocker, Crystal Kreitler
The Effects of Cortisol on the Cardiac Development/Functionality in Zebrafish PDF
Miquela H Farley, Laurel Fohn
Social Media and its Changes on Student’s Formal Writing PDF
Micki Harris, Nicole Marie Dilts
Egg-laying habits of Slosser’s buckmoth (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) from Andrews County in northwest Texas PDF
Trilby King, Nicholas J. Negovetich, Lendon Partain, Ned E. Strenth


S(h)aving face: An autoethnography of female facial hair PDF
Evelyn Sullivan, Derek Bolen
Microwave Absorption by Long and Short Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes at Low Pressure PDF
Paritosh Bhatnagar, Ivan Wright, Sarah Ferguson, Garret Sestric, Scott Williams
Defining the Seed Bank of a Rare Texas Cactus (Echinocereus chisoensis, Cactaceae) in Big Bend National Park PDF
Caitlin Bruns, Bonnie Amos
Investigating the Seed Bank of the Rarest Morning Glory (Bonamia ovalifolia, Convolvulaceae) PDF
Kim Dayoung, Bonnie Amos
Integrated Pest Management for the Angelo State Natural History Collections: an Approach for Small Collections PDF
Barbara Welch, Marcia A. Revelez, Robert C. Dowler