Now Let’s Talk about The Sunset Limited: An Exchange With Marty Priola

Peter Josyph


The following is an excerpt from “‘Now Let’s Talk About The Crossing’: An Exchange With Marty Priola,” a long and, thanks to Marty, engaging chapter in my forthcoming book Cormac McCarthy’s House: Reading McCarthy Without Walls. During my discussion with Marty about The Crossing, HBO broadcast the film adaptation of The Sunset Limited directed by Tommy Lee Jones. I decided to address it, and this is a sample of that phase of our exchange.

In a discussion about dreams in McCarthy and specifically in The Crossing, I had said that Billy’s sense of his departed brother Boyd being somehow alive and yet irretrievable is a common concern for dreamers of the dead, and Marty had related a dream in which a friend named Heather assured him that she was all right, after which Marty was told that she had died during the night.

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