Information For Authors

We invite teacher-scholars of college English to submit praxis-oriented pieces for consideration to The CEA Forum, the organization's peer-reviewed online journal for the teaching and learning of English studies. Contributions are sought examining classroom praxis, offering best practices and pitfalls, teaching strategies, and case studies. Pieces that focus on all areas of the teaching and learning of English studies, including syllabi and assignments, are welcome. The CEA Forum will publish only articles by members of the College English Association. Non-members are welcome to submit but must join the CEA in order for accepted submissions to be published.

We also welcome reviews of recent publications of interest to CEA members; contributors are welcome to suggest publications, or to write expressing interest in getting an assignment (check out the list of Books Received). CEA chooses books of general and professional interest to the association’s membership for review. Members are invited to contact the editor if they are interested in writing book reviews, or have suggestions for books to be reviewed. Those interested are requested to include a CV with their initial note of enquiry.