Routine thoracic ultrasound: Your gateway to calf consults and practice profits

  • Brandon Debbink Dairy Doctors Veterinary Services, Plymouth, WI 53073
Keywords: practice management, ultrasound, calves


Routine thoracic ultrasonography is a developing service of­fered by veterinary practitioners that acts as an accurate, rapid, calf-side diagnostic tool to aid in calf health management. Bo­vine practitioners competent in the technique can provide this service to progressive producers by way of client education, demonstration and evidence of impact on bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in pre-weaned dairy calves. Routine, strategic scanning demonstrates trends in new infection rate, cure rates and severity of lesions in those affected. Utilizing the data to establish benchmarks for individual calf programs allows prac­titioners and producers to make prudent, evidence-based deci­sions on treatment and management changes to aid in preven­tion. Routine thoracic ultrasound is a tremendous opportunity for new and recent veterinary graduates who are looking to expand clinic services, and can be offered with little additional overhead. Consistent veterinary involvement brings the practi­tioner to the forefront in calf management and consultation.

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