Engineering work-life balance opportunities into your veterinary practice through nontraditional work schedules and a ProSal compensation system

  • Cassandra Gewiss Waupun Veterinary Services, LLP, Waupun, WI 53963
Keywords: practice management, work-life balance, ProSal, veterinary business


Work-life balance is a concept that is a major discussion point within many businesses, not excluding large animal veterinary clinics. There are endless definitions and views on how this “balance” can be achieved, and is reflective of each individual’s needs. It is important to note that work-life balance not only benefits the individual veterinarian but also the health of the business. One approach to offering a tailored approach to indi­viduals is through unconventional work schedules and a ProSal compensation system. While these are not the answer to all work-life balance issues, these may provide some options for veterinary businesses to consider.

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