Role of veterinarians in disaster preparedness: Focus on small ruminants and wildfire

  • Fauna Smith University of California, Davis Davis, CA 95616
Keywords: natural disasters, preparedness, wildfires


Veterinarians can play a very important role in disaster pre­paredness for their clients, as well as providing veterinary care to animals that have been injured during natural disas­ters. Disaster preparedness needs will vary based on the risks and type of disaster in a particular location. Here I will focus on preparedness and response to wildfires. Veterinarians can play a very important role in developing emergency prepared­ness plans for their clients, including developing decision trees, evacuation planning, go-kit supplies, animal identification, facility setup and leaving animals behind. Additionally, vet­erinarians are needed on the frontlines to triage, treat and/or humanely euthanize burned or injured animals, as well as for longer term treatment and therapy of survivable injuries.

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