Parlor vs. milking efficiency, faster isn’t always better

  • Rhyannon Moore-Foster Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523
Keywords: efficiency, bimodal, overmilking


Our clients are always striving to increase milk production while maintaining cow comfort and efficiency. As veterinarians and scientists, we can help them do that, however, there are many variables that go into increasing productivity on a dairy farm. Efficiency in the parlor is one aspect, but we can further break that down to milking efficiency on the cow level. More goes into milking cows quickly than rushing them through the parlor. While it may seem counter- intuitive, slowing down and properly stimulating cows for at least 10 seconds of combined time and wiping and drying during the pre-milking routine, will help ensure adequate oxytocin release and milk let down. Bimodal milk let down is costing our clients money and time.

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