Adding value to your veterinary practice with producer education resources

  • Julia Herman Beef Checkoff, 9110 East Nichols Avenue, Suite 300, Centennial, CO 80112
Keywords: Beef Quality Assurance, BQA, producer education


The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) Producer Education team works on the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) and other Beef Checkoff-funded programs each day to ensure cattle producers have industry leading information and resources. Veterinarians can use these resources to build on new or existing producer relationships to enhance the care and productivity of the operation. These opportunities not only add value to your practice, but they also reinforce livestock veterinarians’ dedication to healthy animals and a safe food supply. It is important not only to the producer and veterinarian, but to the industry as a whole, that cattle are responsibly handled and transported, and welfare of the animal is always a priority. Several resources developed by the Producer Education team at NCBA are available for producers, veterinarians, and transporters to review for more information on cattle welfare. Producers and veterinarians are encouraged to review the tools and resources, get certified in BQA, and ensure they are following best management practices for cattle in their care. It is important that the education producers, veterinarians, and transporters receive is current and up to date, but not all groups have the time or resources to leave their operation.

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Julia Herman, Beef Checkoff, 9110 East Nichols Avenue, Suite 300, Centennial, CO 80112

Beef Cattle Specialist Veterinarian, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association; contractor to Beef Checkoff

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