Making the right culling decisions on the dairy

Helping young veterinarians advocate for their patients and prevent animal suffering

  • Jennifer Fitchhorn-Walker Danone North America, White Plains, NY 10603
Keywords: bovine, animal welfare, culling decisions


Data indicates that the decision to ship compromised cull cows is too common. Compromised culled dairy cattle continue to arrive at slaughter plants. Leadership within the industry is needed to address this welfare challenge. Dairy cattle veterinarians are uniquely positioned to and responsible for meeting this task. It is supposed by the author that while the next generation of cattle veterinarians are also uniquely qualified to deliver meaningful progress, there is no secret weapon, treatment or single answer that will deliver success; merely one simple ingredient, compassion.

Author Biography

Jennifer Fitchhorn-Walker, Danone North America, White Plains, NY 10603

Director, Quality and Care

Dairy Consulting Skils