Finding the answer in that mess of numbers

  • Meredyth Jones Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK 74078; Large Animal Consulting & Education, Perkins, OK 74059
Keywords: complete blood count, total protein, anemia


A complete blood count (CBC) can be an important extension of the physical examination in ruminants, and may be used to suggest certain disease processes when exam findings are vague, and is useful for establishing a prognosis in many cases. Because of the high prevalence of inflammatory diseases in cattle, the CBC and plasma proteins are often the most valuable set of parameters to gather. Common abnormalities seen in ruminants include regenerative and nonregenerative anemias, blood parasites, inflammatory leukograms with left shifts, panhypoproteinemia, panhyperproteinemia, and transient or persistent lymphocytosis.

Beef Clinical Skills