Animal instincts

To succeed with humans, listen, learn and lead

  • Morgan J. McArthur University of Wisconsin Extension Educator, New Berlin, WI 53151
Keywords: listening, empathy, connection, learning, questions, leadership


Newly-graduated veterinary practitioners are equipped with an impressive science education when they step into their first jobs. They’re enthused about their new careers and eager to ply their skills. The post-graduate Real World is full of challenges; however, and not all of them were addressed in the veterinary curriculum. Consider the stresses of moving into a new community. Or trying to sort out the peculiarities, people and politics in the practice. There may be clients who are openly skeptical of the new graduate because they are inexperienced and/or unfamiliar to them. The shift to the working world can be daunting. The success-limiting species for veterinary practitioners walks on 2 legs, not 4. The power and practice of applying fundamental ‘people skills’ like listening, learning and leading will build credibility, relationships and serve as a foundation for success in practice.

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