How to save the eye on 95% of your cancer eye surgeries

  • W. Mark Hilton Elanco Animal Health, West Lafayette, IN 47906
Keywords: squamous cell carcinoma, cancer eye, surgery


The overwhelming majority of cows with squamous cell carcinoma (SCC or “cancer eye”) can have the neoplastic tissue removed so that the eye does not have to be removed. Early detection of SCC is the key to only having to excise the neoplastic tissue while saving the eye. A lesion of approximately 1 cm or less can be readily seen when the cow walks through the chute for yearly vaccinations and/or pregnancy examination, and it is easily removed at this time.

Cows with SCC should not necessarily be automatic culls. A cow with a small lesion on the third eyelid or on the cornea that is removed in a timely fashion can have a long and productive life in the herd.

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W. Mark Hilton, Elanco Animal Health, West Lafayette, IN 47906

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