A contemporary look at performance evaluation

The annual review is dead, long live the career dialogue

  • Kurt A. Oster Bay State Veterinary Emergency Services, Swansea, MA 02777
Keywords: practice management, performance management, employee engagement, productivity, retention, dialogue, goals


One of my favorite mentors would frequently tell me to look through the windshield, not in the rear-view mirror. He liked to focus his team on what was in front of us and where we were heading, rather than spending time rehashing where we had already been. I think that is a great metaphor for the career dialogue that tends to look at employee performance with an eye on the future, rather than an anchor to the past.

Around 2015, cutting-edge businesses began ditching their annual performance reviews in favor of continuous performance dialogues. Within just a few short years, almost every Fortune 500 company adopted this new approach to performance management.

How did this new trend take over so quickly? The easy answer is that everyone hated the old process! Managers invested a lot of time in a process that yielded very little positive return. Employees felt undervalued and demotivated. Thus, a process that was supposed to improve employee performance, productivity and engagement was having exactly the opposite impact on your practice team. Learn how transitioning to an easier, more enjoyable process can yield more positive results for everyone and tips for implementing it in your practice.

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