AAA mentors

  • Eric J. Rooker Dairy Doctors Veterinary Services, Sheboygan, WI 53081
Keywords: mentorship, retention, employee development, knowledge sharing


Mentorship is recognized as one of the most important features of a modern job. Applicants seek jobs that will allow them to grow and that provide a clearly identified/accomplished mentor to help facilitate this growth. This has become more critical in recent years with mentorship playing a key role in employee retention for millennials. In fact, providing a mentor for an employed millennial can double their five-year retention rate.

Seventy-one percent of Fortune 500 companies have recognized the importance of mentorship and implemented formal mentorship programs but a much small percentage of small businesses recognize or utilize the importance of such a mentorship program. For this reason, a program for the basic education of mentors and the facilitation of the launch of a mentorship program is needed. The AAAs of mentorship focuses on instructing prospective or current mentoring techniques to improve their availability to mentees, improve affirmation techniques, anchor their mentee, and instruct them in post-doctoral school scholarship.

While many ways exist to improve these four areas, this presentation will focus on techniques that can have the largest and most immediate impact. Growth in these areas will provide a solid foundation and measurable improvements for mentorship programs.

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