Job, career or calling

  • Eric J. Rooker Dairy Doctors Veterinary Services, Sheboygan, WI 53081
Keywords: career development, job crafting, employee engagement, retention


Our current job market identifies 3 distinct groups when studying an employee’s career development goals: the job, the career, or the calling. Every employee fits into one of these categories regardless of age, gender, tenure or skill. Experts have identified an equal 3-way split between said groups, with one-third of employees representing each group.

As employers, it is our job to identify an employee’s position in these groupings and engage them accordingly. While some employees will be content to remain within their current grouping, others, if presented with appropriate guidance, can be motivated to progress upward through the groups. Our goal as employers is to help the employee succeed in this mission.

To assist with this mission, a system known as “Job Crafting” can be utilized. Job crafting is the use of an autonomy technique which encourages self-management; this means the employee creates a job description that is personalized to their strengths and interests. This design yields a more engaged employee as well as improved job satisfaction, which in turn potentiates the progression from a job, to a career and finally to a calling.

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