Getting the most out of your grass, strategies for implementation of Management-intensive Grazing (MiG)

  • Jason Tower Southern Indiana Purdue Agricultural Center, Dubois, IN 47527
Keywords: grazing, forage management


To get the most out of grass (one should really say forage), producers need to comprehend some grazing related terminology, understand the basics of a managed grazing system, evaluate the natural resources available to the manager, understand that grazing management is some science and a great deal of art, realize that 1 system does not always fit, each grazing season is different and a learning opportunity, and know that often times the biggest road block to implementation of a grazing system is the gray matter that sits between our ears. This is a quick overview to get a producer thinking of what goes into a managed grazing system. There are a great many detailed resources available through local extension, in books, and from industry personnel.

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Jason Tower, Southern Indiana Purdue Agricultural Center, Dubois, IN 47527


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