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  • Amy te Plate-Church Look East, Gladstone, MO 64119
Keywords: consumer trust, trust model, social license, freedom to operate, animal agriculture, animal care, science communication


Consumers are increasingly curious about food and farming today; in recent research by The Center for Food Integrity, 65% of consumers say they want to learn more about farming. Driving factors include heightened concerns about animal care and food safety, ingredients consumers don’t understand, interest in the relationship between diet and health, and belief that “Big Food” and “Big Ag” will put profit ahead of public interest. Amy te Plate-Church will share research-based insights on current consumer attitudes and beliefs around animal agriculture, biotechnology, gene editing and other innovations that produce safe, healthy, and affordable food. Importantly, the presenter will provide recommendations about how farmers and the agriculture community can earn trust and maintain the social license for science-based tools and practices in dairy and meat production. Veterinarians have an important role in building consumer trust. They are uniquely considered a trusted messenger, having credibility and trust from the American public. Practitioners serve the critical role as trusted consultants for dairy and beef producers. This session will guide veterinarians to serve as effective spokespersons for animal care and practices used in food animal production, such as judicious use of antibiotics, hormones, animal handling, transport and animal care practices.

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Amy te Plate-Church, Look East, Gladstone, MO 64119

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