Building confidence in transition cow consulting

  • K. Fred Gingrich II AABP, Ashland, OH 44805
Keywords: transition cow, ketosis, nutrition


Nutrition can greatly impact the health and productivity of the lactating dairy cow. Nutrition and management during the dry period and immediately prior to calving have a tremendous impact on the success of the cow to transition into lactation. The veterinarian may be asked to intervene on individual sick cows with transition problems (i.e. ketosis, displaced abomasum [LDA], hypocalcemia) or evaluate a herd that has a higher incidence of transition cow disease than expected. Veterinarians should develop the skills necessary to consult producers on how to diagnose whether the transition cows are having a negative impact on herd health and productivity, evaluate the cause of the increased herd-level incidence, and recommend management and nutritional changes to correct the problem. This paper will primarily focus on clinical and subclinical ketosis prevention and its sequelae.

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K. Fred Gingrich II, AABP, Ashland, OH 44805

Executive Director of the AABP

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