Practical and applied use of veterinary feed directives in production

  • M. J. Quinn Feedlot Health Management Services, Okotoks, Alberta T1S 2A2 Canada
Keywords: feed additives, veterinary feed directive, medicated feed


Feed additives are important tools for livestock producers to improve animal health, wellbeing, and productivity in modern livestock production. Feed additives used for the improvement of efficiency, weight gain, and carcass characteristics have been well documented in the literature. Feed additives with animal health implications require a more diligent approach to use, and therefore require a higher level of evaluation. There are numerous labels, combinations, and dose ranges associated with feed additive use. In the current regulatory environment, the understanding of these labels and how to effectively implement the compounds which require veterinary feed directives in a practical manner is important to both those who create the directives, and those who implement them. Practical, cost-effective decisions with respect to the use of in-feed antimicrobials are multi-faceted and complex.

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