How to make money in food animal practice plus stuff they might not have taught you in school

  • Lowell T. Midla Department Of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, College Of Veterinary Medicine, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210
Keywords: practice profitability, practice tips


On the day that you graduate from veterinary school, you have the greatest amount of knowledge that you will ever have. However, you are not the best veterinarian that you will ever be on the day that you graduate. As you progress through your practice career, you will gain wisdom. Wisdom is gained through experience, but only if you pay attention and learn from your mistakes. You may not be the best veterinarian that you ever were on the day that you retire due to your knowledge both being lost over time and becoming outdated. However, you can always be improving as a veterinarian through continuing education, learning from clients, peers, and experience, and most importantly: curiosity. “Semper curiosus!”

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