A Guidebook for mentors and mentees

  • Michael D. Apley Department of Clinical Sciences, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS 66506
Keywords: bovine, mentor, practice


Someone who respects you more than you deserve, and expects from you more than you think you can give. That is my working definition of a mentor. All of us have mentors, and many of us have mentors yet to be discovered. Not everyone that you encounter who is more experienced or older than you will be a mentor. The term mentor implies an investment in you, an interest in your success beyond just giving input on doing your job. Mentorship may start with technical skills, but any relationship that truly molds you soon evolves into life skills; those skills that allow you to cope with pressure, balance life and work, and interact with other people. This presentation covers some key points about being both a mentor and a mentee. These are learned from tuition paid in both roles. Tuition? It comes in a lot of forms other than $$$.

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