“Constructing and Controlling Indigenous Identity Through Place: ‘Location, Location, Location’”

Scholarly Submissions

Indigenous identity is connected to place, perhaps rooted most strongly in the relationship between place and self rather than simply the location itself. In the chapter “A Better World Becoming: Placing Critical Indigenous Studies” appearing in Aileen Moreton’s essay collection Critical Indigenous Studies: Engagements in First World Locations, Daniel Heath Justice explains that, “Belonging is about being woven into the fabric of the land and its legacies, accepting the knowledge that your future is a shared future . . .” (26).


Submissions may address any aspect of Indigenous identity, factors that construct or control it, or the relationship between Indigenous identity and place. Proposed submissions may draw upon or respond to contemporary critical Indigenous scholarship, literature either by Indigenous authors or having Indigenous representation, filmic representations of Indigeneity, or creative works that connect to the overall theme of Indigenous identity and place.


The following includes a list of possible points for consideration, but in no manner are intended to be the only options for possible submissions:

  • How is place used in literature to construct Indigenous identity? What role do issues of sovereignty play in these constructions?
  • What role does place play in the construction of Indigeneity?
  • How is the role of place expressed or constructed in Indigenous literature/film/graphic novels?
  • How do portrayals of the relationship between Indigenous identity and place in literature or criticism differ from Indigenous authors/critics versus non-indigenous authors/critics?
  • What parallels, if any, may be drawn between the dislocation of Indigenous people groups and the African diaspora with regard to the subsequent effects on culture and identity?
  • With regard to filmic representations of Indigeneity, how is place constructed?


Creative Submissions

Creative submissions are also welcomed.

  • Poems
  • Short Stories
  • Personal Essay
  • Memoir


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