Vol 43, No 1 (2016)

Developments in Business Simulation and Experiential Learning

Table of Contents


Helping Students Identify and Respond to Hardball Tactics in Negotiation: a Series of Classroom Activities PDF
Ed Wertheim
The Game of the "In" & "Out" Groups PDF
Peter Markulis, Daniel Strang
Development of BASE Supply Chain Collaboration Game PDF
Tomomi Kaneko, Ryoju Hamada, Masahiro Hiji
The Game of Brand Management: A Classroom Game of Competition Simulating Brand Portfolio Development across the Consumer Funnel PDF
Paulo Vicente dos Santos Alves
Summiting Mount Everest; An Experiential Learning Application for Organizational Behavior PDF
Sharon L. Beaudry
An Organizational Development Approach to Experiential Learning with Millennials PDF
J. Duane Hoover, Robert C. Giambatista, Lori Tribble
On Use of Linguistic and Qualitative Games in Formulation of Platform-Business Strategy PDF
Motonari Tanabu, Ryo Sato
Experiential Learning Potential as a Function of Psychological Predispositions and Demographic Variables PDF
Lori Tribble, J. Duane Hoover, Robert C. Giambatista
The Strategic Consulting Experience: Providing Experiential Learning Opportunities within an MBA Program PDF
Ronald F. Green, Sara Williams
Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry in Hospitality: Using Real Life Case Studies PDF
Alison Green, Mehmet Erdem
Experiential Education in a Student-Run Startup: A Case Study of a For-Profit For-Credit Advertising Agency PDF
Amy Struthers
Owned and Operated: A Survey of StudentRun Advertising and Public Relations Agencies at ACEJMC Accredited Institutions PDF
Allison Busch, Amy Struthers
Purposeful Haze: A Team Project in Organizational Behavior PDF
Kristie A. Abston
Doing DECA: Anatomy of an Experiential Program Initiative PDF
Bryon C. Geddes, Philip Lee, Karman Wilson, Matthew E. Harris, Hugh M. Cannon
Exploring ABSEL Using Social Network Analysis PDF
Christopher M. Scherpereel
Launching New Doctoral Students: Embracing the Hero's Journey PDF
Daphne DePorres, Roland E. Livingston
Intercorrelations of Measures of Forecasting Accuracy and a Recommendation PDF
John R. Dickinson
Design and Effectiveness of a Self-Study Pedagogical approach to using a Simulation Game in the Classroom PDF
Steven Gold
Simulations For Strategy Courses: Measuring Teamwork PDF
Larry Chasteen
A Study of the Acquisition of Competitive Information in Business Simulations PDF
Peter M. Markulis, Michael Nugent, Daniel R. Strang
The Use and Non-Use of Business Simulations, Games and “In-Class†Experiential Learning Exercises: The Initial Report PDF
Richard Teach, Gita Govahi
Improving Profitability Via Cost Control With The Cost Of Production Performance Package PDF
Aspy P. Palia, Jan De Ryck
VALUE: A B2B Closed Bidding Game PDF
Luiz Antonio Titton, Chanate Ratanaubol, Richard Teach
Using Simulation, 360-degree Feedback, A Balanced Scorecard, and AARs to Assess Individual and Team Performance in Different Delivery Formats PDF
James V. Caruso
Designing Educational Games for Project Management using the MyPMgame Canvas PDF
Christian K. Karl
Ethical Business Leadership: A Simulation to Develop Value-Driven Mission Statements PDF
V. Ann Paulins, Julie L. Hillery, Aaron Sturgill
The Role of Gender in Entrepreneurial Leadership Skills Training PDF
Verona P. Edmond, David Brannon, Alice Stewart, Jacqueline Williams
The Timber Game: Teaching Sustainability Concepts Using the Prisoners Dilemma PDF
Christopher M. Cassidy, Dallas Brozik, Devin McCullough, Eduardo de Luna-Solis
Can Action Complexity be Used to Measure the Effectiveness of an Educational Game? PDF
Precha Thavikulwat, Jimmy Chang, Bosco Wing Tong Yu
Anxious design: Benefits of Designing Simulators with Structural Elements that Generate Anxiety PDF
Alfonso Atala Layún
Post Experience Techniques to Enhance Learning in Total Enterprise Simulations PDF
Chris Papenhausen
Process-Oriented Research Method for Teamwork Effectiveness Assessment in Business Simulation Games PDF
Anna Ruszkowska, Marcin Wardaszko
Influencing Attitudes Towards Entrepreneurship with Digital Game-Based Educational Experience in Secondary Education PDF
Marcin Wardaszko, Helmut Wittenzellner, Paulina Holzmann, Anna Winniczuk
Expansion Set For Intermediate Measures of Performance – Achievement Systems In Simulation Games Development PDF
Michal Jakubowski
STIB: The Systemic Thinking Inventory For Business PDF
Raghu Kurthakoti, Annette L. Halpin
A Project Management Focus: A Way for ABSEL to Grow PDF
Jerry Gosenpud
Vicarious Observational Learning through Visual Media: The 12 Angry Men Film as an Organizational Behavior Primer PDF
J. Duane Hoover
PRME Awareness and Subjects Integration Driven by Innovative Multimedia Teaching Cases and Omni-Channel PDF
Tak Ming Lam
Teaching Values: an Experiential Approach PDF
Hugh M. Cannon, James N. Cannon, Bryon C. Geddes, Andrew Hale Feinstein
From Brynania to Business: Designing an Evidence-Based Education Simulation From an Exploration of a Blended Real-Time Model
Nancy Nowlan
Virtual University Think Tank: A Mixed-methods, Inductive, Exploratory Analysis PDF
Lora Reed, Alan Swank, Maja Zelihic
Virtual Student Club Start Up: Learning Together in Virtual Learning Community PDF
Lora Reed, Marvee Marr, Alan Swank
Enhancing Effectiveness in Curriculum: Necessary Innovative Changes PDF
Gerald Goldstein, K. Blaine Lawlor, John Batchelor, Gayle Baugh, Melissa Brode
Concepts in Contrast: Demonstrating Disparate Leadership Styles through The Last Castle PDF
Michael J. Fekula, William Sharbrough
Foreign Exchange Trading PDF
Dallas Brozik
The Timber Game PDF
Eduardo de Luna-Solis, Devin McCullough, Dallas Brozik
Developing Value-Driven Mission Statements PDF
Ann Paulins, Julie Hillery, Aaron Sturgill
Strategy4Innovators-Training without Software? The revised Concept of the Board Game SysTeamsRybi – Realize your Business Ideas! PDF
Helmut Wittenzellner, Herbert Schmidt, Willy C. Kriz
Managing Human Resources Simulation PDF
David R. Rahn
Managing Human Resource Simulation In Health Administration PDF
David R. Rahn
A Study of the Acquisition of Competitive Information in Business Simulations PDF
Peter M. Markulis, Michael Nugent, Daniel R. Strang
Flipped Classroom: Another Tool for Your Pedagogy Tool Box PDF
Bernard F. Harris, Janetta Harris, Lora Reed, Maja Maja Zelihic
Drama Measures Applied to a Large Scale Business Game PDF
Geraldo Xexeo, Eduardo Mangeli, Luis Fernando Oliveira
The Search for Optimum Business Simulation Decisions: Can They Be Found? PDF
Kenneth R. Goosen