ARCS Model Applied in High School Business Gaming: Implementation and Analysis

Luiz C. Barcante, Rafael Araujo, Mauricio F. S. Barcante, Sorelle F. F. Barcante


This paper discusses the importance of providing early internship experiences to undergraduate business students to enable more effective practical skill growth prior to graduation.  The authors describe the Emerging Ethical Leaders program at the University of Pittsburgh’s David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership, which provides sophomore and junior business students an early exposure internship opportunity. This early exposure internship pairs business students with local businesses and organizations that have established partnerships with the University of Pittsburgh and David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership.  The internship opportunities often involve non-profits and small businesses, allowing business students the opportunity to apply their business acumen to organizations that may not have the staff or the time to complete certain business-focused projects. By working with non-profit organizations and small businesses, students gain exposure to organizations with a socially responsible mission and gain important ethical leadership skills. The goal of internship program is to provide students a way to engage with diverse sectors and become more prepared for competitive internships in the summer following their junior year. When applying for jobs, students are able to report on two effective and diverse internship experiences, enabling them to be a stronger job candidate. This paper describes the Emerging Ethical Leadership model and provides a case-study example of effective early internship experiences. The authors also build an assessment model that captures the impact of the early internship experience from the employer’s perspective.  This assessment model is based off of findings from an analysis of internship experiences indicating a need to integrate employer feedback into the design of internship programs at the University of Pittsburgh.

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