From the Horse’s Mouth: Effectiveness of Flipped Classroom as seen by Students

Sean Hamilton, Vaibhavi Patel, Whitney Wilber, Raghu Kurthakoti


Flipped classroom is an experiential learning based pedagogical technique. In this paper, the authors discuss the theoretical foundations of a flipped classroom approach called Student Centric Flipped Classroom. In this approach, students act as co-creators and develop flipped activities for class to enhance student learning. The paper discusses the usefulness and learning from the approach as seen by students by linking student perceptions to learning styles and learning theories. A Multimethod research design was used whereby data was gathered using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Data was critically analyzed to understand student perceptions of the approach. Results indicate that students have a mixed feeling about the approach immediately after going through the approach. However, over time, they realize the higher order benefits of the approach in making the concepts more relatable and applicable. It is recommended that future iterations of the approach use both lectures and flip in a balanced way with lectures being used to introduce terminology, and concepts of the course.


Student Centric Flipped Classroom; Marketing; Learning Theory; Learning Styles; Student Perception

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