Introducing HRM through Problem Based Learning

Celeste M. Grimard, Michel Cossette


In this paper, we describe how problem-based learning (PBL) can help students understand the fundamentals of human resource management (HRM). In PBL, students are presented with problems and must find a solution to them. In the process of doing so, they develop the knowledge of the theoretical underpinnings of the problems and develop other skills for problem-solving, finding solutions when all information is not known, and working in a team setting. After introducing problem-based learning, we present two versions of a semester-long exercise that instructors can quickly adapt. In version 1, we provide students with problems to be resolved that address the various functions of HRM. In version 2, students create problems or mini-cases that they then go on to resolve. In the process of solving these problems, students develop critical thinking skills and “content knowledge” related to HRM functions.


Human Resource Management; Problem-based Learning; Student-centered Learning

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