Improving Student Cognition in Management Classes. What role for Simulations?

Corey Frantz, Giulia Paulet, Geoffrey Dick, Michael Cuellar


In an attempt to improve understanding of managerial practices involved in decision-making, the authors of this paper turned to the ERP Simulation games developed by HEC Montreal.  The past use of these games has primarily been limited to teaching business processes or SAP systems – on the face of it they also lend themselves to aiding understanding of management practices and providing an experience of decision-making.  This paper reports on the first use of these games in this context and compares the results with the use of the games in another institution using them in their more traditional role of teaching business processes.  The findings indicate that the simulation did not work as well in the management context as the business processes but provided indications of several areas where changes could be made to improve their efficacy.

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