Using AAC&U Rubrics to Guide Online Technology Toward Robust Assessment

Linda C. Rodriguez, Michael L. Fekula


With the advent of a new MBA program, a school of business engaged in the development of an accompanying assessment system in compliance with accreditation requirements. After program outcomes were established, the MBA Director began working on the means to assess those outcomes. The Director’s experience with assessment at the undergraduate level indicated that the existing process and instruments sorely needed improvement. In some cases the undergraduate assessment data was aggregated to the point of being useless for decision making. Thus, the Director sought a more robust system, to include an increase in the number of qualitative artifacts assessed across program outcomes. The challenges of this new approach included not only acquiring the resources to engage in the new level of assessment activity, but also developing the tools with which to conduct process.  After discovering the Association of American Colleges and Universities value rubrics, the Director began examining ways to apply those to the assessment challenge.  This presentation describes the process leading to a new and effective assessment system, the outcome of fall 2018 data analysis, and prescriptions for other schools desiring similar approaches. The presentation concludes with a discussion of the implications for experiential learning in terms of the application of AAC&U VALUE rubrics to experiential exercises and simulations.

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