Evaluating Experience-Based Learning Activities: Working Through the Morass

Debbie Good, Elise Boyas, Paul Klein


The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) recognized in the 2002 report titled “Management Education at Risk” that experiential education keeps students connected to rapidly changing business models. In the years since the report was issued, a number of colleges and universities have made experience-based learning (EBL) a part of their curriculum.  This paper examines the manner in which a large Middle Atlantic university’s business faculty implemented a strategic initiative to make EBL central to the curriculum.  Specifically, it investigates the spectrum of activities recognized by these faculty members as EBL in orientation and the discipline specific nature of evaluation utilized for each such EBL activity with the goal of developing a framework for identifying best practices for experience-based learning assessment.  Preliminary findings from this qualitative analysis indicate a need for closer attention to alignment of desired course outcomes with EBL activities and their assessment.

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