Voices from the Trenches: Personal Reflections of an MBA Program’s Experiment with an Experiential Learning Course in Executive Skills

J. Duane Hoover, Robert C. Giambatista, Emilia Westney


Three instructors with extensive experience teaching a behaviorally-based required MBA course in executive skills utilized whole person experiential learning methodologies over a period of years. This paper discusses the rewards, opportunities, challenges, and frustrations these instructors encountered. Borrowing from the format employed by the Academy of Management Learning and Education’s inaugural issue article on the impacts of 9/11 on instructors and classes (Fukami, 2002), extensive questionnaire responses were pooled and reported in detail. Brief conclusions and implications for educators were drawn from these in-depth responses. However, we leave it to the informed ABSEL reader to make a more detailed assessment of how well such a concept might apply at any given institution and whether or not to adopt such a model wholesale or with pragmatic modifications.

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