Experiential Learning with Capacity Building Management Projects

Cheryl Ann Tokke


A capstone course in non-profit community service provides a means for students to gain an enhanced experiential experience using an on-site residency as accredited in-class seat time in a capacity building project. This article will provide the tools, rubrics, assessments, and methodologies used in over 60 student projects that culminated in written papers for academic credit that were usable by the community organizations in their work. It reveals the collaborative nature between student, school, and organization in creating usable outcomes that simultaneously builds, experiential learning, and practical management skills and increases non-profit capacity. It demonstrates the “twinning” method of capacity building that is a pertinent partnership model used in the international development, public service, and non-profit sector. Several examples of successful community service projects are shown.


experiential learning; capacity building; business; non-profit; internship; capstone

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