A Simulation-Based Approach for Planning with Silega Expedition Business Simulation

Georgi Tsvetanov


Silega Expedition™ is a business simulation that places participants in a challenging and inspiring experience of climbing Mount Everest in order to win a prize offered by an eccentric millionaire. Time is crucial; they must reach their goal in just a month. Participants work and compete in teams of 5 or 6.
Together they have to make decisions about how to work together, how to use their personal strengths, which route to take, what equipment to use, and what risks to run. This program includes an enhanced multimedia experience with original video footage from the mountain and special effects.
Everest has always been the supreme symbol of man’s personal struggle to achieve excellence, no matter the conditions. Succeeding on Everest depends totally on spirit, discipline, and will. And as in real life, there are only two possible results: success or failure.

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