Quick HRM: Using A Brief Case Study to Introduce Students to HRM

Celeste M. Grimard, Michel Cossette


Based on their own experiences, students often have an incomplete knowledge of the human resource management (HRM) process. Moreover, they may feel overwhelmed by all the terminology of HRM if it is presented in a piece meal fashion. This article describes a process for helping students understand the ‘big picture’ of HRM in an inductive fashion. Based on a series of debriefing questions in relation to a short case study, Roger’s Tire Experts, instructors help students create an HRM map, a diagram of the areas and functions of HRM and how they are interrelated. Rather than ‘explaining’ the HRM process, instructors pull the required knowledge from the students themselves. Thus, students view the map as their creation and see how it is connected to a ‘real’ organization (Roger’s Tire Experts). This map, accompanied by a discussion of the need for effective HRM in organizations, provides students with a quick and creative introduction to HRM.

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