Draggles and Wowzers: A Role Playing Exercise for Developing Student Civility

Celeste M. Grimard, Michel Cossette, Miguel R. Olivas-Luján


Minimizing uncivil student behavior is fundamental to developing a positive learning climate in the classroom. Draggles and Wowzers is a 45-minute role playing exercise that helps students develop an understanding of uncivil behavior and its impact on learning. It is based on the fable presented in “The ABC’s of Uncivil Behavior in the Classroom,” a book that is built on the premise that stories are more effective than cognitive based strategies in inspiring positive learning behaviors. In this enjoyable exercise, students role play Draggle behaviors and attempt to intervene in helpful and unhelpful ways with varying degrees of success. In involving the entire class in debriefing the role plays, students become more conscious of the need to avoid disrespectful behavior and intervene when it occurs.

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