Curriculum gamification in a Business School: Experience at CEIPA University – Colombia

Carlos Montoya, David Uribe, Juan Pablo Mesa


Trying to disguise a tedious and rigid instruction to make it appear like fun and modern education would be less than cynical or at least unrealistic and disrespectful with learners´ intelligence.  Additionally, considering the psychological resistance of adults to get involved in 'unserious' situations when they are inserted in work environments and academia, we reasoned that gamification could offer a solid educationally and emotionally graspable alternative to bridge the training needs of adults and educational objectives of universities or companies.  From this perspective, we at CEIPA Business School (Colombia) have created a group (CEIPA Learning Studio-Technology Development Center) to design and produce educational gamificated learning tools for internal and external use and to take direct part in the curricular implementation.   In this paper we intend to explain the theoretical corpus of our work and to analyze two years of experience, using as case study some of the products created at the Learning Studio as well as the recent curricular improvement in the face of coming international accreditation.

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