Strategic Knowledge Mapping: The Co-Creation of Useful Knowledge

Steven E. Wallis, Bernadette Wright


Strategic planning typically involves conducting research and setting objectives. It is a difficult and expensive process with no guarantee of success. Recent research shows that managers with more “structured” knowledge will be more successful. Using Integrative Propositional Analysis (IPA) we can objectively determine the potential usefulness of a Strategic Knowledge Map (SKM). Creating an effective SKM is a precursor to more easily creating a more effective strategic plan. The present game is focused on players co-creating an SKM. Their play is scored in such a way that they will receive more points for creating a more structured map. The resulting map may be easily used in the “real world” to support dialog, decision making, and the creation of specific objectives for strategic plans.
The game is unorthodox. It is not a simulation where play begins with a pre-set “world.” Similarly, the game is not educational in the traditional sense where players attempt to acquire or test knowledge using an existing database. Instead, ASK MATT is a model-building game where knowledge is co-created within the game by the players. Further, the game goes beyond finding “insights;” instead, the results of the game may be directly applied as a guide to real world situations.
In the present paper, we explore the background, difficulties, and opportunities for improving strategic planning and policy planning using strategic knowledge mapping from a systemic perspective. We explain the play of the game, its scoring, anticipated outcomes, our experiences playtesting the game with small groups, plans for playtesting with larger groups, and opportunities for developing a version of the game that may be played online and/or as an APP.

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