A “Prototyping†Approach for Incorporating Large Data Bases into Media Planning Simulations: An Example Using Magazine Media

Hugh M. Cannon, Laura C. McGowan, Sung-Joon Moon


Media planning simulations are commonly used in both industry and marketing education to estimate the frequency distribution of media exposure for a given advertising campaign. Typically, these simulations rely on media exposure data from syndicated research services, such as MediaMark Research (MRI) or Simmons Market Research Bureau (SMRB). However, when media are not included in these syndicated studies (i.e. they are “unmeasuredâ€), they must either be excluded from the simulation, or artificial data themselves must be simulated so that they can be included. This is usually done through a process of “prototyping,†or using a measured medium as a prototype for developing the unmeasured parameters. This study describes and tests a method of prototyping in which prototypes are selected through a judgmental process.

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