ABSEL History

The Association for Business Simulation and Experiential learning (ABSEL) is an international pedagogical conference the examines all aspects of teaching. As the name implies, special emphasis is placed on experiential learning, especially simulations, but all areas of pedagogy are welcome. ABSEL's first conference was held in Oklahoma City in 1974. Since then, the proceedings title changed annually for a number of years until it was formalized in its current format. The original titles are listed below.

2008- current: "Developments in Business Simulation and Experiential Learning"
1981-2007: "Developments in Business Simulation and Experiential Exercises"
1980: "Experiential Learning Enters the Eighties"
1979: "Insights into Experiential Pedagogy"
1978: "Exploring Experiential Learning: Simulations and Experiential Exercises"
1977: "New Horizons in Simulation Games and Experiential learning"
1976: "Computer Simulation and Learning Theory"
1975: "Simulation Games and Experiential Learning in Action"
1974: "Simulations, Games, and Experiential Learning Techniques: On the road to a New Frontier"