Fall 2013 Editorial Board

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Thomas KlossThomas Kloss, Editor-in-Chief

Thomas Kloss is the Editor-in-Chief of TXSTUR. A  sophomore majoring in psychology and English, he hopes to provide excellent undegraduates a platform for their research, and as a result, contribute to the academic environment of Texas State. After graduation, he hopes to pursue a graduate degree in psychology.

Trey WellerTrey Weller, Reviewing Editor

Trey Weller is an editor with the TXSTUR journal.  He is a junior at Texas State University studying English.  Trey hopes to teach.

HolleySamantha Holley, Consultant

Samantha Holley is a consultant for the TXSTUR journal. She is majoring in Political Science and minoring in Theater. She is also an active member of the Texas State Universtiy Chapter of the Pre-Law fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta. Upon graduation, Samantha hopes to be attending law school at the University of Texas at Austin.

Jason BrazilJason Brazil, Copy Editor

Jason Brazil is a copy editor for the TXSTUR journal.

Ciara KnightCiara Knight, Graphic Designer

Ciara Knight is the graphic designer forthe TXSTUR journal.

ParrottMatthew Parrott, Technical Advisor

Matthew Parrott is the Technical Advisor and a copy editor for the TXSTUR journal.  He has a B.A. in English and is earning an M.A. in Literature. 



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