Traditionally Nontraditional: The Barriers College Students with Children Face while Pursuing a Degree in a Traditional Undergraduate Program

Ronny Washington, Jr


Traditionally Nontraditional explores the relationship between college students with children and their level of educational achievement. Many college students have dependent children, and the challenges that student parents face while pursuing an undergraduate degree can cause many to fall short of reaching their academic goals. Research suggest significant retention increases of this population can be achieved through program and policy adjustments, flexible class schedules, and specialized support services. The data in this study showed that there is a significant negative relationship between the number of children one has and the highest level of education  completed. Also, there is a significant positive relationship between the age when a person first had a child and the highest level of education completed. Some of the challenges that nontraditional students face are explored as well as a review of past research on nontraditional students pursuing an 
undergraduate degree.


Student Parents; Students with Children; Nontraditional Students; Undergraduate programs

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