Garro’s Baroque Theatre: How Recollections is a Reality Blur

Erica Roth


In this paper, the author closely investigates the role Elena Garro's Recollections of Things to Come plays in Baroque theatre.  Though Baroque art is known for the theatre tropes which distort reality, Garro's text pushes theatre to a new level by integrating Baroque tropes of space, light, and time, with Baroque illusionism to create a triumphant, allegorical text about the Cristero Rebellion in Mexico.  Though many Latin American texts highlight the power of "reality blur"--the inability to distinguish between reality and fiction--Garro manipulates reality with such ease that readers are unaware of deception.  Ultimately, by culminating Baroque tropes with reality blur, character dualities, and the marvelous real, Garro fowards Recollections as a true manifestation of Baroque theatre.


Garro; Baroque; Theatre

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