Making the Cut: Do Faculty Want to Be Involved in Library Database Cancellations?

Joyce Garczynski


Because of the recent economic crisis, a number of academic libraries have faced the possibility of having to cancel database subscriptions.  As a major user group of academic libraries, faculty have a history of being involved in collection decisions, but it is unclear to what extent they want to be involved in cancellations.  Also, while the library literature outlines a variety of processes that libraries have used to involve faculty in their serials cancellation decisions, very little is said about eliminating databases.  This study examines whether the strategies outlined for involving faculty in serials cancellations are applicable to database cancellations.  We surveyed 167 faculty members at Towson University to determine what their preferences are for involvement in database cancellations and if those preferences are a function of engagement with the library and/or discipline of study.


collection management; databases; faculty; cancellations; subscriptions; marketing

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