Vol 2, No 1

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Charles W. Bailey, Jr.
The Electronic Journal: What, Whence, and When? PDF
Ann Okerson
Online Journals: Disciplinary Designs for Electronic Scholarship. PDF
Teresa M. Harrison, Timothy Stephen, James Winter
Post-Gutenberg Galaxy: The Fourth Revolution in the Means of Production of Knowledge. PDF
Steven Harnad
The Journal of the International Academy of Hospitality Research. PDF
Lon Savage
Postmodern Culture: Publishing in the Electronic Medium. PDF
Eyal Amiran, John Unsworth
New Horizons in Adult Education: The First Five Years (1987-1991). PDF
Jane Hugo, Linda Newell
EJournal: An Account of the First Two Years. PDF
Edward M. Jennings
The Newsletter on Serials Pricing Issues. PDF
Marcia Tuttle
How to Start and Manage a BITNET LISTSERV Discussion Group: A Beginner's Guide. PDF
Diane Kovacs, Willard McCarty, Michael Kovacs
Providing Data Services for Machine-Readable Information in an Academic Library: Some Levels of Service. PDF
Jim Jacobs
Depth vs. Breadth: Enhancement and Retrospective Conversion PDF
Walt Crawford
Copyright, Digital Media, and Libraries PDF
Martin Halbert
Libraries, Networks and OSI: A Review, with a Report on North American Developments. PDF
Clifford A. Lynch
The User's Directory of Computer Networks. PDF
Dave Cook

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