Vol 1, No 3

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Charles C. Bailey, Jr.
Library Information System II: Progress Report and Technical Plan. PDF
Denise A. Troll
The University of Guelph Library's SearchMe Public-Access Catalogue. PDF
George Loney
An Overview of SPIRES and the SPIRES Consortium. PDF
Bo Parker
Mounting Commercial Databases Using the SPIRES DBMS. PDF
Slavko Manojlovich
LITMSS: Princeton's SPIRES Manuscripts Database PDF
John Delaney
The Libraries at Rensselaer Implement Access to Information Beyond Their Walls PDF
Pat Molholt
Mounting a Full-Text Database Using SPIRES. PDF
Walter Piovesan
The WatMedia Project. PDF
Mark Ritchie
Future User Interfaces and the Common Command Language PDF
Walt Crawford
Hypermedia, Interactive Multimedia, and Virtual Realities PDF
Martin Halbert
Review - MediaTracks PDF
Steve Cisler

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